Just the phrase does not suffice.

We want real change.


Over the years, the company has produced many white-centric performances. This is something we cannot take back. By recognizing our past, we roll on into the future and take action. REV recognizes while moving forward, casting must actively include

BIPOC and LGBTQ+ performers. 


Colorblind casting is not the answer. REV is working to create a truly inclusive space, making no room for conscious or subconcious white-supremacy. From now on, we must maintain this mindset and continue the fight for civil equity. 


It is important for audiences and members of our education and outreach programs to see diversity onstage. American Theatre is inherently racist. It is so deep-rooted in the exclusion and mockery of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color that it is hard see these roots past the wonderful pieces created by BIPOC writers, choreographers, musicians, et cetera. REV has been donating, educating ourselves and others online, and petitioning to our local government. Join us as we try to ignite change.

- with love, REV Theatre Company

educate      donate      petition

  • Community Justice Exchange

    National Bail Fund Network

  • ACLU Pennsylvania

    American Civil Liberties Union

  • The Loveland Foundation

    Loveland Therapy Fund

  • Thurgood Marshall Fund

    Supporting Black collegiates

  • Philadelphia Mazzoni Center

    LGBTQ+ health and wellness

  • The Okra Project

    Providing meals for Black trans folx

  • Broadway Black

    Theatre Arts Media Outlet

  • #WeSeeYou W.A.T.

    Fighting Racial Injustice in theatre

  • ZAPI Artists

    Asian and Pacific Islander Artists' Collective

  • Racism in Theatre

    NY Times Article

  • Philly's LGBTQ+ History

    Concise view of monumental moments

  • History of Xenophobia

    Tufts Article on our American problem

  • AJC Global Jewish Advocacy

    Fighting modern anti-semitism

  • Zwemer Center

    Muslim studies collective

  • BLM Philadelphia

    Black Lives Matter

  • Alliance for a Just Philadelphia

    Peoples' platform for justice

  • Philly Sanitation Workers

    Signatures to secure safety in this pandemic

  • Philadelphia Office of ACCE

    Signatures to revive Arts and Culture

  • Trans Justice Funding Project

    Giving grants to trans folx in need

  • Philly Black Giving Circle

    Supporting Black owned non-profits